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Mitochondrial DNA Testing is the analysis of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) that is inherited through your mother. The mother gets it passed to her through her mother, and so on.....

This website is all about DNA, DNA testing for Genealogy; you can find your ancestors through your DNA! You can find your father's side of history, your mother's of her history. Your ethnic origins, your ancestral origins, your DNA holds a complete map of where your lineage started and how it led to YOU.


DNA Genealogy testing includes mtDNA testing (passed from your mother), Y Chromosome testing which is passed from your father, and Nuclear DNA which is passed to you from both sides of your family past.





DNA testing has become extremely important in today's society. You can find out where your family began and where they migrated.

You can discover parents, grandparents, siblings, and even relatives that were walking the earth hundreds of years ago. You may find out you have cousins in Australia and relatives in Ireland.


Learn more about your family history with the Enhanced Maternal Lineage Test at DNA testing!


DNA Testing technology along with Genealogy advances have grown leaps and bounds just in the course of a few years. This technology all together is less than 15 years old. The answers you can find in your own DNA is astounding.

In a short time, we will have the ability to eliminate many genetic diseases and disorders due to DNA testing. If you carry a genetic disorder a DNA test will show this and help you prevent giving it to your offspring.

DNA testing has saved many lives and find murderers that would have never been caught without this technology. Did you know you can DNA test your dog to find out about its' family past, its' breed(s)!

Mitochondrial (mtDNA) Testing can determine your MATERNAL ethnic background, ancestral origin, match you up to living relatives all over the world, and map out the entire human family tree.




Y Chromosome Testing can determine your PATERNAL ethnic background, ancestral origin, match you up to living relatives all over the world, and map out the entire human family tree. DNA testing to test your Y Chromosome...your Paternity Lineage Test


Autosomal DNA Testing (Nuclear DNA) is the DNA that is in 44 of 46 of your Chromosomes. DNA testing for Nuclear DNA is definitely at a primitive stage in this technology though many pioneers for all the different kinds of testing are giving us all answers to some of the biggest life questions.




Many people use Mitochondrial and Y Chromosome DNA testing to help them in their Genealogy struggles. You can match your family tree with your DNA testing results and solve many mysteries of your past.

Share your family history and photos with the people you know and love.  This will help you on your own search as you can match your information with others on the internet... as well as offer other people the potential to find their family through your research.

  • What is DNA?

  • Why is DNA important?

  • Mitochondrial DNA in the world

  • Mitochondrial DNA in YOU

  • Testing Procedures (just a cotton swab...really?)

  • We are all related, this can be proved

  • We are all from Africa

  • DNA tests that analyze your father's genes and/or your mother's genes. Tests to find your ethnic background, your family history. Even tests that can show you what diseases you are prone to, and what vitamins you lack....

  • The best testing sites available, most of which are online

  • Database, compare your DNA with everyone else

  • All the benefits of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) testing, Y Chromosome testing, Autosomal DNA testing, paternal, get it DNA testing


  • More to come on these and other Mitochondrial DNA experiences...


Mitochondrial DNA Blog
Mitochondrial DNA Blog of many new technologies, ideas, and research of Mitochondrial DNA and other DNA testing.

What does DNA stand for
What does DNA stand for? Who discovered DNA? What does DNA look like? What is DNA made of? Do Identical Twins have the exact same DNA?

Why is DNA important
Why is DNA important? The importance of DNA can be crucial to our future survival, as well as giving answers to life long questions of the past.

Mitochondrial DNA
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is a circular cell that includes DNA and protein. Protein allows our DNA to split, thus creating the same DNA in our children.

Human Mitochondrial DNA
Human Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is different then the rest of our DNA. New technologies have found our family history in our mtDNA which is mapping our complete human history.

How is DNA testing done
How is DNA testing done? Walking into a white room with scientists in white coats. Being poked and prodded with needles, and bones samples... don't worry, this is not the case at all.

Types of DNA testing
There are several types of DNA testing. Some tests are basic, while other tests are highly sophisticated. Which one is right for you?

DNA testing labs
There are many DNA testing labs at our disposal today, though only a few can provide you with quality and quantity results.

Largest Mitochondrial DNA Database
The largest Mitochondrial DNA database can help you match your DNA with others. The database can help build family relationships you would have never known existed.

Y Chromosome
Y Chromosome is passed from father to son, DNA testing for this can prove to be so beneficial to your past, present and future.

Canine DNA testing
A very new technology, Canine DNA testing has brought a curiosity to people about man's best friend. Find your dogs breed and history. 

Mitochondrial DNA SiteSearch
All about the research and experience of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Search that experience here.

Your Mitochondrial test
We would like to hear your story, of your Mitochondrial DNA test experience, or another experience related to DNA testing. Helping others understand the benefits.

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