How to Choose a Towing Vehicle: Staying Safe on the Road

When your business involves horses, traveling or hauling them on another place is a top priority. It’s a great concern especially that the road is not 100% safe, and the hauling or towing vehicle is not sufficient. There are lots of recorded accidents because of unsatisfactory hitch or inadequate tow vehicle.  

Towing Vehicle

Your number one priority is keeping the horses safe. As a driver, you are responsible to yourself, to the people/animals riding with you and other drivers who are in the road. Causing an accident is fatal for you, your riders and the others who are on the road. Making the right choice of towing vehicle will maximize your safety. According to, here’s how you can do that.  

Determine the Weight  

The first thing you need to do when you choose a tow vehicle is determine how much the trailer weighs. Don’t be confused with the number written on the trailer, that’s not its weight. It’s the trailer’s GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weighting Rating which is the recommended capacity that includes the weight of what you’re going to haul inside the trailer and the trailer’s weight itself. The overall weight shouldn’t be loaded past the GVWR.  

Do you want to know the actual weight? Get your Certificate of Origin and you will see it there. If not, you can scale the trailer to get an accurate weight. Once you determined both the weight of the trailer and the weight of what you’re putting on board, you will get the GVW of the Gross Vehicle Weight. So when you choose a towing vehicle, better use the GVWR because the amount you’re going to haul in it will not exceed the trailer’s weight.  

Enough Power and Substance 

Choose the tow vehicle with enough substance and power to carry the extra load. The vehicle should be working on its full capacity so accidents are avoided. Also, don’t confuse yourself with having a really big truck because it doesn’t have to be full-sized, the important thing to consider is its proper hitch and proper tow capacity.  

Towing Capacity 

Towing vehicles are not created equal, each of them works differently with various towing capacity. Others may look the same but they don’t work the same. The towing capacity of the truck will depend on its axle ratio, engine size and transmission. You can check the manufacturer’s tow guide, so make sure you read that one first before making a decision.  

Remember that when you haul an inadequate vehicle, it will put extra wear and tear on your engine and its drive train. Maneuverability would also be difficult in case you want to make a quick stop. Chances are; you will lose control in the road the trailer becomes a tail wagging the dog. So when you choose a towing vehicle, make sure you consider all the things we mentioned here. First, the weight of the truck and the load, second the power and substance and finally the towing capacity.